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Chimney Surveys

Our chimney surveys incorporate both the internal and external structure of the chimney stack and we provide a full written report along with digital photographs and CCTV camera footage, if required, to clearly demonstrate any issues identified.

Chimney professionals, Chimcoat NI Ltd understand the multitude of issues that a chimney can have and the range of solutions available. It is for this reason that we undertake a detailed and thorough chimney survey before we produce a quotation for any work.

There are various reasons why a chimney may need to be repointed or even rebuilt such as leaning, leaking, vertical cracks, the smell of smoke or damp in rooms within the house. Other common issues we are asked to look at include damaged adjoined chimney stacks, the aftermath of chimney fires and blocked chimneys.

Indeed Chimcoat NI Ltd is one of the few specialist companies with the levels of expertise to diagnose and deliver solutions for all types of problem chimneys and flues.

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